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Meet The Team

Trevor Carmick

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Trevor Carmick is not just any ordinary video editor and motion graphics artist - he's the mastermind behind the amazing Beer Labels in Motion. The project, which started off as a personal blog in 2013, quickly gained a following and caught the attention of TIME, who nominated Trevor as one of the Top 25 Bloggers of that year.

Before Beer Labels in Motion, Trevor spent years working on both long and short form video projects for TV and the web. He's worked on everything from feature length documentaries to national broadcast commercials, but it wasn't until he discovered craft beer during his undergraduate days at Ohio University that he found his true passion.


Now, Trevor combines his love for video editing and craft beer by bringing beer labels to life through mesmerizing animations. He's become a household name in the craft beer community, and his work has been featured in beer festivals and events around the world.

While Trevor has animated countless beer labels over the years, there's one that holds a special place in his heart - the Fitzgerald Porter by Great Lakes Brewing Co. It's the beer that started it all for him, and to this day, he still can't get enough of its rich, roasty flavor.

Rob Reinders

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Let's paint a picture of two lifelong friends who share a passion for both beer and video editing. Meet Rob Reinders, a professional video editor and motion graphics designer with a knack for projects of all shapes and sizes. Rob and Trevor have been friends for 20 years, and their mutual love for beer has only strengthened their bond.


As a contributor to Beer Labels in Motion, Rob has been working behind the scenes for years. But now, he's officially part of the team and couldn't be more honored. With a love for all styles of beer, Rob is constantly seeking to expand his palate and try something new. However, as an unabashed hophead, you can always find the latest IPA or five in his fridge.


And if that's not enough, Rob has even dabbled in brewing his own beer on occasion. While he admits he needs a bit more practice (and "research"), he's determined to one day create the next Heady Topper in his own kitchen.

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